Ron Paul shoved down memory hole by MSNBC

MSNBC ran an article talking about Rick Perry’s much anticipated Presidential run, and his good chances of success:

With all the hoopla over his prayer-a-palooza in Houston and fear of him becoming the next Texas governor in the White House, one line in that story may be easy to glance over. Being an avid Ron Paul supporter, I read a few words after this line, then went back and my jaw literally dropped:

“An Air Force captain who flew C-130’s in the 1970s, he would be the only military veteran in the race.”

Actually, he would be alongside Ron Paul as another military veteran. While this could be dismissed as a simple fact-checking error, my following of the media coverage of Paul during his 2008 run makes me believe otherwise. Whether a liberal outlet like MSNBC here or a conservative one like Fox News, stations across the political spectrum marginalized Paul as a “longshot” even when taking less popular candidates seriously. There was even a Time magazine article that featured every 2008 GOP candidate, frontrunner or longshot, except Ron Paul! His fundraising numbers were also curiously missing from a Morning Joe episode where he should have been in second place but wasn’t even mentioned in the list.

Just as Winston had to shove information the government didn’t like down the memory hole, through the warm air tubes into the secluded furnace in George Orwell’s book 1984, the mainstream media across the political spectrum has and continues to marginalize Ron Paul instead of take him as a serious candidate. As early as May, Paul was found by a CNN poll to be the most likely to defeat President Obama, and a July 28 Rasmussen poll has him in 4th place at 10% (second place belonging to Perry despite not officially being in the race).

It seems like 2011 is the new 1984, and we are living in Winston’s world. What will it take for us to have truly free media in this country, and around the world? I’ll attempt to answer this question and many more as I continue to develop this website, so check back often for new content and blog posts.

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